Nokia N8 Frequently Asked Questions

Nokia N8 is definitely one of the best mobile phones available out in the market. Symbian Applications, Java Applications and Flashlite Applications make Nokia N8 easily extedible so that you can utilize your Nokia N8 to maximum usage with free and free to try applications for Nokia N8. OVI Store is the easiest place to look for Nokia N8 applications. In case you would like to know more about features of Nokia N8, do have a look at Nokia N8 Review or have a look at given below Frequently Asked Questions about Nokia N8.

    • How to install google maps on Nokia N8 ? : Visit Google Maps for Mobile, provide your mobile number on google website and google will send you google maps downloader to your mobile.
    • How to load free apps onto the Nokia N8 ? : Open up OVI Store on your Nokia N8 and download free applications or use Nokia OVI Suite to transfer free applications onto your mobile phone.
    • How to transfer apps from pc to Nokia N8 ? : Connect your mobile to computer using USB cable provided and use Nokia OVI Suite installed on your computer to transfer apps to N8.
    • How to use GPS in Nokia N8 ? : In order to use GPS on Nokia N8, use OVI Maps or search for GPS in Nokia OVI and download free applications.
    • Nokia N8 Latitude and Longitude : The Nokia N8 has GPS sensor with which you can get Latitude and Longitude using appropriate software.
    • Nokia N8 Modem Driver : Install Nokia PC Suite on your computer and it would install the appropriate N8 Modem driver onto your computer.
    • Nokia N8 Office Documents : Use Quick-Office in your Nokia N8 to view / edit office documents.
    • Nokia N8 Online GPS : You can use Online GPS in Nokia N8 using Assisted GPS functionality and use Online OVI Maps.
    • Nokia N8 Maps Update : You can update OVI Maps using the Software update feature, however be cautious as you would need access to WiFi Network to download OVI maps.
  • Nokia N8 Positioning Settings : Nokia N8 allows to configure what positioning options you wish to use. Assisted GPS, Integrated GPS, Bluetooth GPS and other options are available to select from.
  • Nokia GPS Applications : Search for GPS in OVI and you would find lots of free GPS Applications to download, install & use.
  • Internet on Nokia N8 : You can use 2G or 3g networks to access internet on your Nokia N8 mobile phone.
  • Can Google Maps work on Nokia N8 ?: Yes Google Maps can be used on Nokia N8. Google Mobile provides a Java Application which can be easily run on Nokia N8.
  • Can I install applications downloaded on my PC to Nokia N8 ? : Yes, you can install applications downloaded on your PC to Nokia N8. Use Nokia PC Suite to transfer applications onto Nokia N8.
  • Can I remove the battery of Nokia N8 ? : Yes you can remove the battery of Nokia N8 using appropriate screw driver.
  • Can Nokia N8 use 3G ? : Yes Nokia N8 can use 3G network to connect to internet.