Other Screenshots of Nokia N8

Given below are other screenshots of Nokia N8 including the screenshot of the dialer screen, the locked screen, software or application installation screen.

Nokia N8 has got a good looking dialer screen. There are themes available on Nokia N8, so if you change the theme of Nokia N8, your dialer, application installation, etc screen will appear in the selected theme.

Nokia N8 Call Dialer's Screenshot

Dial in Style with Nokia N8

Screenshot displaying Nokia N8 locked. By default Nokia N8′s touch screen will get automatically locked when you are not using the Nokia N8 using touch screen. I guess there will be some settings which will control when & how the Nokia N8 should get locked automatically. Yes of course if you are watching some video on Nokia N8, you would not want Nokia N8 to get automatically locked and yes i assume that this will be taken care by appropriate software on Nokia N8.

Screenshot of a Nokia N8 mobile in Locked State

Given below is the screen, you will get when you install any software or application on Nokia N8. In the given below screenshot, the Nokia OVI Maps installer is being installed. The Software installation on Nokia N8 is just following prompts. The Installer of Nokia N8 will prompt you whether you wish to install the software or not and will provide you a brief description about the software being installed. Note that in the screenshot displayed below OVI Maps Installer is being installed of version 3.06 (637)

Software Installation on Nokia N8