Mobile Phone Termonologies

Mobile phones have become really sophisticated now a days and with the evolution of new technologies, it can be really hard to decide on which mobile to buy , what to look for in a mobile and how much spending is enough on a mobile phone.

Yes advertisements play a significant role and even if you do have enough money to buy the very latest mobile phone, even then you might need to understand various terminologies of a mobile phone in order to fully utilize it.

In case you are not aware of technologies, you might end up in have a brilliant mobile phone , need for that and you might find yourself struggling with various menu options of your mobile phone. This blog post tries to highlight few of mobile related terms, usages, etc. This post will not talk about mobile history or how mobiles evolved, comparison of mobiles , etc. This post will just talk about various terms worth knowing now a days.

Mobile GPS : This is a technology in various mobile phones which can help you identify your location on earth. A Mobile Phone with GPS hardware and appropriate software can identify you location, guide you to appropriate path & tell your speed. A Mobile which has GPS in it comes with an appropriate software and maps to help you navigate to your desired location. OVI Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps are few such examples which can be used on a mobile phone with appropriate software.

Mobile Camera : Mobile Camera is now a days available in mobile phones for clicking still images and to capture video. Depending on Mobile Phone Model, it can have a front camera, a back camera, either one of them or none of them. Nokia N8 has two camera out of which the front camera is a low resolution camera and the backside camera is high resolution camera. Resolution refers to the maximum size of the still image that can be captured in pixels. A Camera which can click an image of maximum width of 640 pixels and height of 480 pixels will be termed as 0.3 Mega Pixel.

Touch Screen : Mobile phones now a days have touch screen onto which you can click with a small plastic stick or with finger. A Mobile Phone which supports Touch Screen may or may not provide keypad. Nokia N8 has a touch screen and does not have a keypad, so for doing most of the work in the mobile phone, you must tap on the mobile phone screen using finger or some semi hard substance.

Mobile Compass : Many mobile phones have embedded Compass hardware which can be used to point out direction. Or in other words the compass can be used to figure out where is North, South, East and West. There are lots of free software applications available on net which can be downloaded onto your mobile phone and can be launched to view a wonderful compass on your mobile screen.

Keypad or Mobile Phone : There are various types of Keypads available in mobile phones now a days. QWERTY Keypad has buttons as on a computer keyboard and you will find button for every alphabet, another type of keypad popular is a keypad in which there is a single button for every 3 alphabets. Keypads can be sliding or can be sort of fixed and visible always.

Internet On Mobile : Many Mobile phones can be used to surf internet on mobile and various mobile phones also allow you to use the mobile phone as modem and connect your computer to internet using mobile connectivity to internet. LG Gx 200, Nokia N8 and various other mobile phones allow the mobile phone to be used as modem. Various Mobile phones allow connecting to 2G and 3G mobile networks. A Mobile which allows connecting to #G network will support 2G network as well but vice versa may not be true.

Mobile Bluetooth : Bluetooth in Mobile Phones allow connectivity and data sharing between mobile phones. A USB Bluetooth connector can be attached to a computer as well to transfer data between mobile phone and a computer.

USB Connectivity : Many Mobiles allow connecting a cable to the mobile phone with other end having a USB port to be connected to a computer. Many mobile phones also allow charging of mobile phones using the USB cable. Data transfer using a USB cable between mobile phone and a computer can be significantly faster than transferring data using Bluetooth.

Yes there is lots more in mobile phones and always evolving software applications for mobile phones keep on adding more and more usability to the mobile phones. To name a few there are tons of free / trial applications for mobile phones such as Games, Office Applications, Utilities, Various Browsers and many more.