Nokia N8 Price in India

You can get hold of a brand new Nokia N8 in India for a price of Rs around 22,000 in Indian Rupees. Depending on the vendor or shop you select the price of Nokia N8 in your city may vary from few rupees to few thousand rupees. Yes this magnificent Nokia mobile is worth the price, provided you can fully understand the specifications and utilize them in best possible way.

In India 3G network connectivity is really accessible in most of the cities and various vendors such as Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL etc are trying to get more & more customers and they are giving bonus on download limits. As the price of Nokia N8 is on a higher side, do spend some time on trying to find out the vendors selling the mobile and the service being offered by them. Nokia has done brilliant job and in most of the cases your brand new Nokia N8 mobile can be fully functional without any defects, however for safety purpose many shops offer full replacement within 48 hours of purchase. This onsite replacement of Nokia N8 mobile can give you time to find out whether all the features are working fine or not.

Checking of all features of Nokia N8 mobile such as multi touch, dual cameras, GPS, GPRS with 2G and 3G connectivity, various sensors might require some time and hence you can ask the shopkeeper to show you all the features in working condition or you can utilize the 48 hours to fully check all the features of the Nokia N8 mobile (provided your vendor offers such replacement). Have a look at Nokia N8 Review post to know in detail about most of the features of this smartphone so that you can know the features of Nokia N8 and get the Nokia N8 for best price in India.