Nokia N8 Review

This review of Nokia N8 is unbiased review of the brilliant mobile phone from Nokia. This smartphone is a brilliant mobile handset from Nokia featuring various useful functionalities available now a days. There are good chances that you will find almost everything you are looking in a mobile phone. The Nokia N8 features FM Transmitter, FM Receiver, GPS Receiver, GPRS for internet connectivity, 12 Mega Pixel primary camera and another VGA camera that is termed as secondary camera in Nokia N8. There are many other features present in this unique mobile phone. This Review will try to talk about few of the features and provide a unbiased opinion.

On this website you will find lots of information about Nokia N8, have a look at technical specifications of Nokia N8 to know about various features of N8 in technical details. Nokia N8 features 2 cameras. One is High definition camera and other is low resolution camera for video calling, etc. The 12 Mega Pixel Camera of Nokia N8 performs it’s job brilliantly and so is the other camera. Have a sneak peek at video capabilities of Nokia N8 to know more about the video capabilities of the phone.

Nokia allows to run Native Symbian applications to be run, Java & Flash lite applications to run and of course you can use inbuilt browser to navigate to OVI Store and download free and trial applications on your mobile handset. OVI Store requires a simple registration. As Nokia N8 has inbuilt GPS Receiver, you can download various free GPS Applications such as Mg-maps, Speedometer, OVI Maps is already installed on Nokia N8. Browsing Internet, connecting with Social Networks, checking email, connecting pc to internet and much more is built into Nokia N8. In All this Nokia N8 is a brilliant mobile handset / smartphone with multi touch colorful screen and is packed with tons of functionalities & my review of Nokia N8 does say in a loud voice that this Nokia Mobile Phone is worth taking into consideration when buying a new mobile phone.