Nokia N8 Applications for Download

Nokia N8 is Symbian^3 powered mobile phone, which supports running Java Applications as well. In case you are looking forward to download applications on your Nokia N8 mobile, just navigate to inbuilt OVI store which offers free and paid applications for download. Yes there are many other ways to download applications onto your Nokia N8 mobile phone.

The Nokia N8 comes with a small CD containing Nokia OVI suite which can be installed onto your computer to download and install applications from various software download websites which offers mobile applications download. As Nokia N8 supports java, you are not limited to downloading Symbian applications only and you can download compatible java applications as well.

Google Maps is one of the applications which you can download onto your Nokia N8 mobile phone, install it and use it for free. You can even request google to send you the application installer to your mobile number from the google mobile maps website. Google Mobile Maps website asks for your cellphone number and when submitted send you the application installer. Yes you would need internet connectivity to further download and install the google mobile maps application.

In case you have not activated internet onto your Nokia N8 mobile phone, you can connect your mobile phone to your computer, download Symbian or Java Applications onto your computer and ask the Nokia OVI suite to install the application onto your Nokia N8 mobile.