Nokia N8 Specifications in detail

Nokia N8 is one of the latest Nokia Smartphone with multi touch screen, 2 Mobile Cameras , GPS, GPRS, FM Receiver and transmitter and various other useful gadgets in this useful and comprehensive Nokia Mobile Phone. Given below are specification details of Nokia N8 with brief description of every technical gadget in the Mobile.

Nokia N8 has a multi touch  touch screen of around 3.5″ with a resolution of 640 x 36 pixels. The screen color of every pixel can be anything from 16.7 million colours. The Multi touch feature of Nokia N8 mobile can be really useful when you want to zoom in into an image. In order to explore this multi touch feature, open up an image on Nokia N8 and use two fingers and expand it. The Nokia N8 mobile has an orientation sensor so you can view the image / video or anything else on the mobile in landscape or portrait mode by rotating N8 mobile sidewise or holding it in vertical position.  Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light detector and Magnetometer are other sensors in Nokia N8 mobile.

Nokia N8 can be connected to various network for data and voice communication. Nokia N8 can communicate with 2G and 3G networks with GPRS / EDGE class B, multislot class 33. Nokia N8 has a inbuilt GPS receiver with configurable other GPS connectivity options such as Assisted GPS, Bluetooth GPS, etc. Nokia N8 can be used as a modem as well to connect your computer with 2G or 3G network. TCP / IP Support, WLAN, HSUPA Cat5 with max speed of 2.0 Mbps, HSDPA Cat9 with maximum speed up to 10.2 Mbps make Nokia N8 a really sophisticated mobile phone.

Connectivity options of Nokia N8 to other mobiles / devices are also really vast. You can use Nokia N8 to transfer images, videos and other files to other mobile phone or any other device supporting Blutooth. Just power on your Nokia N8′s bluetooth and transfer files to and from other bluetooth supported devices such as Laptops, other Mobiles Phones, Desktop Computers with active external Bluetooth dongle, etc. You can also connect a USB cable to computer to connect your Nokia N8 to your laptop or desktop computer to transfer data to and from computer or install new applications onto your Nokia N8 mobile using Nokia OVI suite. Symbian, Java and other applications can be downloaded from internet and installed onto your Nokia N8 mobile phone. Inbuilt FM transmitter can be used to listen to songs played on your Nokia N8 mobile on another FM Radio receiver at a frequency configurable in the settings of Nokia N8 mobile. The HDMI connector can be used to watch videos from the Nokia N8 mobile onto your High Definition Television.

The Nokia N8 mobile has a single button at the front of the mobile screen which can be used to display the available icons of application in list format. By default Nokia N8 opens up with a configurable home screen. There are 3 configurable home screens available in Nokia N8. The customization of home screens of Nokia N8 can be done using widgets, shortcuts, icons, etc. Various ringtone formats are supported so there are good chances that most of the ringtone types will work fine on Nokia N8. The Mobile Phone’s theme can be selected from various pre-installed themes. There are buttons at the side of Nokia N8 to change volume of the speakers, lock the mobile, click photographs using either of the 12 Mega Pixel or 2 Mega Pixel camera.