Update OVI Maps of Nokia N8

In case you are thinking of updating the Nokia N8 maps or downloading the maps on your Nokia N8 mobile phone, there are few things that you might need to consider. The Nokia N8 Map application can be updated from the  System Update option of Nokia N8. The updated maps application of Nokia N8 will give you few extra options.

Before updating the map application you need to consider that existing / downloaded maps will be deleted (yes the updater will ask whether you wish to continue) and the Nokia N8 will give you one option of downloading the maps. Yes there will be only one way to download the maps onto your Nokia N8 mobile and that would be by WiFi. In case you do not have access to a WiFi connection for downloading huge maps onto your Nokia N8 mobile, you have another option as outlined below.

You can download the OVI maps onto your Nokia N8 mobile by connecting your Nokia N8 mobile with your computer. Nokia provides a map downloader which you can install on your Nokia N8 mobile and then it will allow you to download the OVI maps for offline usage. The Offline usage is a term used here to indicate map navigation using GPS even when your mobile phone is not connected to internet using GPRS ( such as 2G, 3G, etc) or other connection methods provided by Nokia N8 mobile.